The Works

As apprentices, we were assigned to different areas of the Works to gain a wide range of experiences. The Central Workshop was my first location. Here, large pipework, boilers, and sheet metal duct work was fabricated from detailed drawings. The plumbing jobs ranged from small steam tracer lines to 300mm diameter steel pipes, filled with sand, heated in the furnace and bent using a motorized capstan. An older plumber, called Harry Dobson took me under his wing and tried to shield me from the ‘bad influences’ of the older lads.

Buddy Holly – ‘Heart Beat’  1958
Why do you miss when my baby kisses me?
Why does a love kiss stay in my memory?

I was then transferred to the Perspex and Polythene Plant Maintenance Department. The time here see-sawed between intervals of frantic emergency steam pipe repairs and long stretches of down time. The apprentices became quite skilful at filling in the time by making objects such as ornamental swords, fire pokers and golf buggies from stainless steel and Perspex.

The Kalin Twins – ‘When’  1958
When, when you kiss
When you kiss me right
I, I don’t want
To ever say good night

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