Safety first

There was a brief ceremony at the Apprentice Training School to mark the conclusion of a five-year apprenticeship. For a short while I was assigned to the training school to help develop a training manual for new apprentices. I was given an office and any equipment and material I required. The project was completed all too soon and I was then transferred to the maintenance section adjacent to the four oil crackers.

Working in the Refinery area had specific problems and dangers. Safety was paramount. Hammers, chisels and spanners were all manufactured from phosphor-bronze to eliminate the risk of sparks, and no petrol driven vehicles were allowed onto the site. We also carried out repairs on the smelly Phthalic, Alphanapthalamine and Nitric Acid Plants.

A new plastic, Polypropylene, had been recently developed, so a new plant called Polyprototype was being constructed. It was a miniature version to test the process. All of the pipework had to be made and installed by checking and measuring off a scale model of the plant in the engineer’s office.

Connie Francis – ‘Stupid Cupid’  1962
Hey hey, set me free
Stupid cupid stop picking on me!

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