Redcar trips

The National Reserve Club was a small club housed in a converted shop that stood on the corner of Hampton Street and the Market Place. Grandad, Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Teddy and Dad were all members and Dad was the secretary. During the summer holidays, annual day trips to the beach were organised for their families, usually to Seaton Crew or Redcar.

Tommy, Coral and Ray – Redcar Beach

The committee organized races on the beach and later an adjournment to a local hall for lunch. Donkey rides, Punch and Judy shows, swingy boat rides and the free entertainment on the beach organized by the local Gospel Hall were the order of the day.   A swim in the North Sea was ‘compulsory’. As the circulation slowed, aching wrists and feet soon encouraged the most intrepid bathers to leave the water.

The local fishermen decorated their cobles1 with rows of flags and offered trips out to sea. Access to the boats was via narrow raised gangways from the beach and through the breakers. At mid-day the mums and dads left instructions regarding looking after the young ones, then disappeared to the local pub for a few drinks. A sing-song on the bus home contributed to a day to remember. The last song was always ‘Show Me the Way to Go Home’.

The Nash Club Trip – off to Redcar! Ray front row 3rd from left (light coloured coat). Tommy directly behind. Cousins Betty (carrying Coral front row 1st right, Jimmy 2nd right & Brenda 3rd right.

The Andrews Sisters – ‘Show Me the Way to Go Home’  1953
Show me the way to go home
I’m tired and I want to go to bed
I had a little drink about an hour ago
And it went right to my head.
No matter where I roam.
Over land or sea or foam
You will always hear me singing this song
Show me the way to go home


Near Christmas, the traditional club trip to the Empire Pantomime was also a highlight of the Nash Club activities. Puss in Boots or Jack and the Beanstalk had the children’s eyes popping. During the interval, brown paper bags were distributed by committee members. The bags contained a treasure of goodies which always included a sandwich, an apple, nuts and candies. We were seated in ‘The Gods’, the highest (and cheapest) tier in the theatre but we didn’t care. It was exciting to see a real stage show.

Alma Harper, Mam and Aunty Freda – Redcar Beach

Louis Armstrong – ‘That’s My Desire’  1958
To spend one night with you
In our old rendezvous
And reminisce with you
That’s my desire

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  1. A coble is an open traditional fishing boat common in the north.