Peep Show

Colin Ramsey joined me and Cliffy as we hung around the street light. Colin was a short carrot topped kid who lived five doors down. He was a bit younger than us and his sister was a year older.

“Our Josie’s washun’ ‘er ‘air tonight,” he offered with a sly grin.

Josie was fourteen and quite well developed. He had told us this before and we’d unsuccessfully tried to see her through the window, clad only in her bra, as she washed her hair in the basin over the kitchen sink. Their kitchen looked out onto their back yard so had no need of curtains.

With the aid of a dust bin we scrambled over the alley wall, then by jumping the gap from the coalhouse roof onto the toilet roof, the kitchen window was in view.  We perched patiently on the roof waiting for our reward.

“Are you sure she’s doing it tonight?” whispered Cliffy.

“She said she was,” replied Colin.

It was getting colder by the minute as we huddled together. After what seemed an age the kitchen light went on and Josie stepped into view. In unison we leaned forward in anticipation. She put the kettle on, then disappeared from view. The light went off and on a few times and that was the extent of the peep show.

“Ah’m bloody nithered1,” whispered Colin. “Ah think she musta changed ‘er mind!”

Hands in our pockets, we walked out of the alley, cold and dejected.

Jewel Akens – ‘Let Me Tell You ‘bout the Birds and the Bees’
When I look into your big brown eyes
It’s so very plain to see
That it’s time you learned about the facts of life
Starting from A to Z

A few weeks later I went to Colin’s house to swap comics. Josie was home and their parents were out  at the local for the night. She sent Colin off to buy crisps at Bob’s off-licence then went into the kitchen to wash her hair. I just sat there pretending to read a comic. I think I missed out on some practical education that night.

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  1. Very cold – a term used in Scotland and North England.