Music listed below have been added as sound effects to some narrated sections of this site.

All music has been shortened and/or faded

The music listed cannot be re-recorded without the acknowledgment of the creator and cannot be used for profit.

Audacity Audio

Zapsplat Effects

Smooth country Rock  loop                                Fredreck Benjamin

Among the Stars                                               Alan McKinney

Asunder                                                            Taylor Hayward

Crossroads/Watermarked                                   Audiohub

Happy Days/Watermarked                                 Audiohub

Southern Living/Watermarked                           Audiohub

Shine on Me/Watermarked                                Audiohub

Happiness is Everywhere/watermarked               Audiohub

Troden                                                              Faraway Music

Turku Nomads of the Silk Road                         Mastram/Asmar