2014 – Trunk Road

After recovering from the disorienting jetlag, and catching up with friends and family, it was time to get out and about. We headed off to North Ormesby along the Trunk Road to the weekly Tuesday market. Although much has disappeared since I left, ‘The Market’ is still a thriving concern and requires a compulsory visit.

The Trunk Road links Middlesbrough with the seaside town of Redcar and it also divides the industries; chemicals to the south and the now silent steel rolling mills to the north.

The morning promised a pleasant day, even though a stiff westerly from Scandinavia was in evidence.
I remembered that wind well, cycling along the Trunk Road to ICI  with Gordon and Mala, as 16-year-old apprentices, struggling against the inevitable head wind. Unfortunately, the wind maliciously reversed direction each afternoon in time for the return journey.

On the road, looking out to the south beyond the ICI flare-stacks, I catch sight of the familiar view of the Eston Hills. Eston Hills is a sandstone ridge that separates the North Yorkshire Moor from the farmland of the Tees Valley. The hills were the original source of ironstone used by local industries and the area is dotted with disused mine shafts and iron red springs.

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