2014 – The Gare

We headed back to the car and drove through Warrenby, past the now cold and silent blast furnace, past the ‘Private Property’ sign that everyone ignores, and onto the South Gare Breakwater.

The weatherworn concrete sea wall looked in bad need of repair. Hidden in the dunes we found the crumbling world war 2 pill boxes and the site of the old gun emplacements.

On the way to the end of the breakwater we checked out Paddy’s Hole where Gordon’s dad kept his fishing boat ‘Jumbo’

“Paddy’s Hole”  Oil on canvas   Ray Jones 2014

‘The Gare’ was an exciting playground and we used to walk there along the Black Path, take the train or later, ride our bikes. The Black Path ran from Middlesbrough to Redcar through the heart of industrial Teesside, on a path once used by sailors to reach their ships, as well as thousands of steel and iron workers commuting between home and their shifts.  It was closed for many years when the coke ovens were de-commissioned, but has now been re-opened in some parts due to the hard work of local residents.

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