2014 – Market day

We parked the car a short walk from the market square and strolled past the Parish Church. It is amazing how much has changed over the years and yet “the feel” is still there. I’m getting into the habit of staring at strangers, hoping to see a familiar face from my school days. Of course, we would likely not recognize each other anyway, but I am still hopeful.

Markets were, and still are, held in the square every Tuesday and Saturday. Mr Pennyman started the market in 1875 and donated the tolls to the Cottage hospital, the first of its kind in England.

It is a pleasant day today, but I always seem to remember the market in the dark winter months. While Coral and Helen browsed the market stalls I wondered off. Of course, Hymers Street was gone and if it was not for a few remaining landmarks I would have been pretty lost.

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